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Banff Attractions

Banff Gondola
Mountain Avenue (near the Upper Hot Springs) Banff, AB

Take this journey to the spectacular summit by way of a modern gondola car. This 8-minute ride transports visitors to outstanding views (2,281 m, 7,486 ft above sea level) and a Summit Centre including an observation terrace, two restaurants, snack bar and gift shop. While on the mountain, take in a self-guided walk leading to Sanson's Peak. The original 1903 stone observatory is located here.

Open year round. Admission Charged.

Two Jack Lake
Banff, AB

Two Jack Lake is often a quiet spot that is located a few minutes from the town of Banff near Lake Minnewanka. The lake area offers a variety of amenities including two campgrounds, one of which is lakeside, and picnic grounds.

Cascade Ponds
Banff, AB

Located off the Minnewanka Loop near Johnson Lake is Cascade Ponds, a small lake area at the end of a softly flowing creek. Set against the Banff wilderness, the lake is actually man-made, created for use as a daytime recreation area. The spot features picnic areas, picnic shelters, and camping.

Lake Minnewanka
About 11 km (7 mi) northwest of Banff, AB

This glacial lake is the underwater home of Minnewanka Landing, a resort town that flooded in 1912 due to rising lake levels. Apart from cold-water scuba diving, visitors to Lake Minnewanka enjoy boating, sailing, and fishing while the surrounding area provides opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and camping.

Johnson Lake
Banff, AB

Found at about a 20 minute drive from the town of Banff is Johnson Lake. This cold-water lake features a small beach area making it a popular summertime spot for a cool dip. Picnic tables and a hiking trail that wraps around the shoreline are located here.

Ink Pots
Banff, AB

Located in the Bow Valley Parkway just off the Jonhston Canyon trail are the Ink Pots, a series of small pools fed by cold-water springs. These quicksand-bottomed pools are clear and greenish in colour with large, dark circular patterns that form at the surface. These ink-like blotches are formed by sand being pushed to the surface by the underwater springs.

Vermilion Lakes
branches off Mt. Norquay just before the Banff/Norquay overpass

This 4.5 km (2.8 mi) drive branches off Mt. Norquay just before the Banff/Norquay overpass and takes you along the three Vermilion Lakes. This drive provides an opportunity to see a variety of flora and fauna common to marshland areas and is popular for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, photographers and cyclists.

Johnston Canyon
26 km West of Banff on Highway 1A

Follow the self-guided interpretative trail along Johnston Creek for views of water erosion in action. A 5.6 km (3.5 mi) walk will take you to the Ink Pots. Six cool springs bubble out of the ground year-round. The glacial sediments in the springs create beautiful aqua colours.

Columbia Icefield
Icefields Parkway AB

This massive field of ancient ice covers 325 sq km (125 sq mi) and reaches depths estimated at 365 m (1299 ft). The Columbia Icefield is composed of a massive plateau of ice, and 6 major glaciers (and numerous smaller ones). Straddling the Continental Divide, the icefield feeds three of the continents major river systems: the Columbia, Mackenzie and Saskatchewan. Meltwaters from the icefield flow to three different oceans (the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic). Called a hydrological apex, it is one of only two in the world that feeds three oceans. Markers at the icefield indicate the rate at which the toe of the Athabasca Glacier has receded this century. For a charge, tours of the glacier are given on custom designed Brewster Ice Explorer from the spring and fall. Ice-walk tours are also available April 10th until October 20th.

Banff Upper Hot Springs
1 Mountain Ave Banff, AB

All the amenities of a modern facility are featured in this splendid, historic spa and bath house. Banff's premier attraction features an outdoor hot pool, a day spa, an email kiosk, a gift shop and a cafe. Swimsuits, towels and locker rentals are available.

Open year-round.

Sulphur Mountain
Banff, AB

Sulphur Mountain is located about five minutes from the town of Banff and offers panoramic views of the town and its surrounding area. The mountain's summit is easily accessible by the Banff Gondola while those wishing to hike may follow a trail to the top. The starting point of the Sulphur Mountain hike trail, as marked by the map, is found at the Upper Hot Springs parking lot. Apart from an observation area, the mountain's summit is equipped with a restaurant and gift shop.

Tunnel Mountain
Banff, AB

With its relatively easy hike to the top, Tunnel Mountain is a popular climb for visitors wanting a bird's eye view of the Bow River Valley as well as the surrounding mountain ranges. This 1,690 m (5,544 ft) tall peak takes about an hour to hike and leads hikers through natural alpine forest. The trail, as marked by map, begins on the north side of St. Julien Road. The name Tunnel Mountain comes from an 1883 proposal, which was not realized, to create a tunnel through the mountain for the CPR railway.

Castle Mountain
Banff, AB

Resembling a giant castle with numerous peaks and turrets, Castle Mountain is located in the Bow River Valley and is one of the most recognizable mountains in this area. The mountain stands 2,766 m (9,076 ft) tall and offers several climbing and scrambling routes.

Banff National Park
Banff, AB

Banff National Park is the birthplace of Canada's national park system and part of the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. Discover a landscape rich in wildlife and history against a backdrop of glaciers and towering mountain peaks.

Sunshine Meadows
Banff, AB

Found 30 km (19 mi) west of Canmore near Banff National Park's Continental Divide, Sunshine Meadows is a natural garden set amidst mountain and lake scenery. Accessed only by the Sunshine Meadows Alpine Shuttle, this wildflower field blooms into colour in mid-June and offers visitors with opportunities to view wildlife and hike a number of trails.

Banff Education Centre
#104-1350 Railway Avenue
Canmore, AB

We are a small, established English language school in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We are surrounded by nature. Over 13 years, Banff Education Centre has helped students achieve their goals in an interesting and exciting way. The Banff Education Centre offers diverse programs for students of all ages with a focus on mixing in-class and out-of-class activities. We focus on environmental issues and professions. We have a philosophy of combining practice in the community with nature and classroom instruction.

Cornerstone Theatre & Restaurant
125 Kananaskis Way
Canmore, AB

Welcome to the Cornerstone Theatre & Restaurant, home of the world famous, Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show. Established in 2002, in Canmore, Alberta, our theatre has played host to a wide variety of productions and talent.

We are offering a special rate of $45.00 per person inclusive of GST for any of our shows from April 23, 2010 to June 30th 2010! After that date to October 15th, 2010 the rate of $55.00 per person inclusive of GST will apply.

Canada Coach Lines
Banff AB

Canada Coach Lines is a Banff-based bus and coaching company that provides charter service to Jasper, Revelstoke, Red Deer, Edmonton, Golden, all ski resorts and beyond. We will transport you in comfort to any of your Alberta and British Columbia destinations.

Our modern fleet of buses and coaches can accommodate your small to large groups, multiple destinations, hotel pickup and drop off service, baggage assistance – all under the guidance and helpfulness of our friendly and professional drivers. Canada Coach Lines has the right vehicle for your charter or sightseeing requirements in and around the Canadian Rockies.

56,48,32,28 seats buses available.  

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