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Attractions in Jasper

Jasper National Park: 100 Years Young
Created in 1907, Jasper is the northernmost and largest of the Canadian Rockies national parks. With more wilderness terrain—10,878 sq km (4200 sq mi)—and less visitors than Banff, the park contains an extensive system of backcountry trails and healthy populations of some of our rarest wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves and caribou.

Jasper Adventure Centre Ltd.
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Jasper, AB

Your One Stop for all Jasper Adventures!

Your Adventure has begun! You have found Jasper National Park famous for its wildlife and scenery. Located in Western Canada, Jasper National Park, the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies is nestled between Mt. Robson (the tallest peak in Canada) and the Banff National Park.

Easily accessed from Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, or Vancouver, British Columbia, Jasper is situated 225km north of Lake Louise on Highway 93 on the Icefield Parkway, which is considered “the most scenic highway in the world”.

Choose to make your holiday “As Wild as You Like”! First select the season. Then choose from the following pages of all the adventures and activities Jasper has to offer, and by highlighting the adventures of interest, you will be linked to a more detailed description. Finally, Reserve Online for Savings.

The “Most Popular” areas of the Park include: The Columbia Icefield and Icefield Parkway, Athabasca Falls, Maligne Lake, Miette Hot Springs, Mount Edith Cavell, and Pyramid Lake. Experience the Park through a variety of adventures; sightseeing van/bus tours to all of Jasper’s Gems, walking, hiking, railroad, helicopter and plane tours, boat, raft and canoe tours, horseback riding, Ice Explorer and Glacier Icewalks. In Winter the Maligne Canyon Icewalk- a unique Rocky Mountain Experience and Marmot Basin Ski Resort are popular, along with dogsledding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Come and Experience Jasper at any time of year.

Explore the Magic of Jasper
Cradled by the Athabasca Valley, the vibrant and colorful townsite of Jasper is a jewel in the crown of Jasper National Park. Though it’s far removed from the hustle and bustle of the international gateway cities of Edmonton and Calgary, Jasper offers all the services and amenities of a small town with an international reputation.

It is a pleasant, scenic drive east from Edmonton along the renowned Yellowhead Highway or west from Calgary and north from Lake Louise in neighbouring Banff National Park, along the breathtaking Icefields Parkway.

The Skyline Trail: View from the Top
Outdoor enthusiasts will thrill to the challenge of the Skyline Trail. One of the premier backpacking hikes in the Canadian Rockies, it is known throughout the world for its wild and rugged beauty. It was created in the early 1900s to satisfy tourism in the extraordinarily beautiful areas of Maligne Lake and the Maligne Mountain Range.

The 57.2 km (35.5 mi) trail can be covered by experts as a “there and back again” overnighter or spread out over a number of days to soak in the scenery. Experts agree the trail is best hiked south to north from the Maligne Lake entry point. Check out Maligne Lake Tour's map for an overview of the route.

The trail starts off through fragrant forests, winds past cobalt-blue lakes and threads along the soaring ridgelines of the Maligne Range. More than half the hike is above tree line. First timers will find it rigorous and are advised to hire a guide—there are three passes to tackle—but the endless, unobstructed views of the snow-capped peaks and untrammeled wilderness of the Canadian Rockies makes it all worthwhile. Along the trail, it seems that time has stood still for hundreds of years. It is this, perhaps, that sustains its universal appeal.

Mountain Biking Bonanza
Back at Parks Canada, Gloria talks about her favorite things to do around this idyllic mountain town. Among them is a guided mountain bike tour. “The single-track biking around Jasper is outstanding,” she says. Scenic trails flow though silver aspen forests, mountain meadows, past lakes and up to spectacular views. And the brand-new licenses issued to mountain bike guides by Parks Canada make it easier than ever before for visitors to experience remote parts of Jasper National Park.

Paddle Power
Whitewater rafting is also a popular activity for visitors to one of Canada’s most famous national parks. Local guiding companies offer easy, guided sightseeing trips for those who are more interested in the history and culture of the national park, or more challenging routes for those looking for the splashes and thrills of conquering cascading whitewater.

“I really recommend the rafting because we’ve got excellent guides and it’s lots of fun,” says Julie Gillespie, at the Jasper Adventure Centre—a one-stop shop for rafting, guided horseback tours, nature and heritage walks and driving tours of the Columbia Icefield.

Jasper National Park’s Maligne Lake
The shadows of vast, snowcapped peaks cast themselves brilliantly over a glacial blue sea deep in the interior of Jasper National Park . Maligne Lake, along with pristine natural beauty Spirit Island, is not only the oldest attraction in Jasper Park but also the largest lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

This legendary destination, the site of the Canadian Rockies most famous photograph, offers myriad Jasper Park adventures—from Spirit Island scenic cruises and fishing trips to canoeing and hiking.

Take home a piece of the Canadian Rockies with a stop at the Day-Lodge at Maligne Lake for a unique collection of Maligne Lake and Canadian Rocky Mountain souvenirs.

Maligne Lake rests just 40 km southeast of Jasper townsite in Alberta, Canada and the Maligne Lake Shuttle is available to facilitate transportation.

Plan a day to explore one of the Canadian Rockies most famous sites, Maligne Lake and Spirit Island.

The Columbia Icefield
The Columbia Icefield is located on the boundary of Banff and Jasper National Parks. One of the largest accumulations of ice and snow south of the Arctic Circle, it covers an area of nearly 325 square kilometres. The continuous accumulation of snow feeds eight major glaciers including the Athabasca, Dome, and Stutfield Glaciers, all visible from the Icefields Parkway. The Columbia Icefield is a true "hydrological apex," for its meltwater feeds streams and rivers that pour into the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans.

Facing the Columbia Icefield Visitors' Centre lies the Athabasca Glacier - a tongue of ice 6 kilometres long and one kilometre wide. Take time for Brewster's Ice Age Adventure, a tour onto the icy slopes of the Athabasca Glacier. You will travel in a specially designed Brewster Ice Explorer to the middle of the glacier, on a 5 kilometre round trip journey. Your driver/guide will explain how glaciers are formed and point out interesting geological features as you travel in safety and comfort. At the mid-point, you will have the option of stepping out onto ice formed from snow falling as long as 400 years ago.

After this unique adventure, you can retire to the Columbia Icefield Centre to relax over lunch or dinner and watch the light change over the ancient rock and ice.

Spirit Island
For over 70 years no trip to the Canadian Rockies has been complete without a cruise to Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park.

This diminutive Canadian icon, floating amid turquoise, glacial waters is accessed via glass enclosed and heated boats.

The 90 minute interpretive tours depart every hour on the hour throughout the summer season and are staffed by recognized Heritage Tourism Guides and Ministry of Transport licensed Pilots.

Learn of the local history, geology, wildlife and glaciology of Maligne Lake and of Jasper National Park as some of the most spectacular scenery in the Rockies drift past your window.

At Spirit Island the boat lands to allow for a short walk to the viewpoint overlooking the mountain ringed southern shores of Maligne Lake; the equally famous backdrop of Spirit Island.

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