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Alpine Hiking Adventures

Vancouver Harbor Wilderness Alpine Hiking, Mountain Trekking
Guided Hiking Program

Hike BC's mountains on guided multi-day alpine hiking trips and wilderness trekking tours. Hut-to-Hut adventures supported by horse or hike from our Guest Ranch. Imagine secluded alpine basins, abundant wildlife, open-air lunches with stunning scenery, 50 million year-old fossils, and over 150 species of wildflowers and 210 species of birds. Choose between Ranch Based and Hut Based Hiking Adventures. Like true explorers you and your guide(s) will access the alpine by foot, carrying only a daypack. The packhorse carries your personal gear and supplies on hut based trips.

Ranch Based Walks and Hikes Suited to all Levels
Enjoy the comfort and seclusion of a picturesque mountain Ranch. Walk through alpine meadows, along the river's edge or to the Bluffs overlooking the Ranch. Hike from trail heads to ridge tops for high alpine views, or hike to the foot of a glacier. Activity options include Grizzly viewing, fishing and horse riding.

Hut Based Alpine Meadow and Lake Hiking
Level I

Walk through flowering meadows and past pristine alpine lakes en route to your mountain hut. This trip is full of hiking for nature lovers and incorporates spectacular scenery and wildflowers. Jumping trout dimple the water surface, the call of the resident loons echo between the mountain ridges, and the canoe on the beach beckons you take the paddle. The slow pace of nature is addicting and you begin to rise and sleep by nature's clock.

Hut Based Alpine Ridge Hiking
Level II and III

Accommodation is in a mountain hut located just below the tree line. Hike alpine meadows to lofty mountain ridges and view the panorama of surrounding mountain ranges. Hike a new mountain ridge each day for another 360 degree view. Scope for Grizzly bear, Bighorn sheep, Mountain goat and Mule deer. The world is at your feet while you breathe in the clear mountain air.

Hut-to-hut Hiking
Level III

Hike to your first mountain hut located on the edge of the sub-alpine. Walk the meadows, scramble over mountain divides and skirt the edge of a glacier. Cross crystal-clear streams and high-mountain passes to your next hut located in a different valley with its own unique sub-alpine terrain. The trails take you to pristine and wild areas yet to be discovered by the average hiker.

All-inclusive adventures include accommodation, meals, guide(s) and transportation of personal gear.

Accommodation is our Ranch during Ranch based hikes, and Alpine Hut(s) during Hut based hikes.

Access in and out of camps varies between 3-9 hours and 5-20 km, and includes elevation changes up to 1,000m over uneven terrain. Daily itineraries vary according to the level of the trip and group interest.

4, 7, 10 & 13 Days

Ranch based:
Walks and Hikes - suited to all Levels

Hut based:
Alpine Meadow and Lake Hiking
Level I - beginner/intermediate with camping experience

Alpine Ridge Hiking
Level II - intermediate to advanced, with camping and uneven terrain experience
Level III - advanced only, with wilderness camping, uneven and steep terrain experience

Hut-to-Hut Hiking
Level III - advanced only, with wilderness camping, uneven and steep terrain experience

Dates: Mid May to October inclusive

Ranch based:
4 Day - Monday noon to Thursday 1pm, Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

Hut based:
4 Day - Monday noon to Thursday 1pm, Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

7 Day Level I, II, III - Sunday noon to Saturday 1pm

10 Day Level II, III - Thursday noon to next Saturday 1pm

13 Day Level II, III - Monday noon to next Saturday 1pm

Contact us and we will customize an adventure for you.

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