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Fishing Adventures (Wild Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Remote Mountain Lakes)

Vancouver Harbor Wilderness River, Lake and Stream Fishing

Whether you're a trout-fishing enthusiast or a novice angler with an urge to hook a magnificent Rainbow trout, our remote mountain lakes, rivers, ponds and streams within our million-acre Angling Guide Territory will fulfill your dreams.

Wild Lakes, Rivers Stream Fishing
Ranch Based

Choose daily from a variety of lakes, rivers and streams for wild Rainbow and Brook trout, Dolly Varden and Kokanee. The ice comes off the valley lakes mid April to mid May, and there is explosive action until July for these trophy-sized Rainbow and Brook trout. Aggressive trout are hungry after ice off, and this is the time of year that dedicated anglers will enjoy the best fly fishing. Mid and late summer rivers offer excellent trophy fishing for Dolly Varden and Rainbows. Close to the Ranch there are also ponds where you can cast for Brook trout and Rainbow. Transportation is by vehicle, returning nightly to our Ranch

Remote Mountain Lakes
Camp Based

Later in the spring we move to high-alpine lakes abundant with wild Rainbow trout averaging 1 - 4 pounds. Sight cast along the shoreline shallows for the cruising wild Rainbows, or sink the line for the old boys hiding in the dark and deep. If all you want to do all day is catch fish, we recommend you fish Spruce Lake. This alpine jewel is surrounded by a magnificent panorama of snow-covered peaks and wild mountain meadows. Protected by its remoteness, access is by float plane or horse only. Spruce Lake is teeming with a natural population of Rainbow trout averaging 2 - 4 pounds. Extensive shoreline shallows makes this Lake ideal for dry fly-fishing or for spin casters. Fishers from novice to expert will enjoy the action of these healthy trout in perfect fighting condition from May through October. Transportation is by float plane or by horse

Remote Mountain Rivers
Camp Based

Later in the summer, these still relatively unexplored and wild upper sections of remote rivers offer rewards for the more adventurous and skilled fly casters that know their way around fast moving water. Rewards come in many sizes, with Dolly's up to 5 plus pounds. Late summer is the best time to explore these rivers. These rivers are high and medium-gradient freestone streams that offer excellent fishing for trophy Dolly's and Rainbows. Walk and wade through these pristine waters with breathtaking backdrops. Cast your fly through boulder-strewn riffles and runs. One pool leads to the next, each with a new challenge. Transportation is by float plane/foot, horse or vehicle

Fly Fishing Schools

Learn the art of fly fishing from our Licensed Guides. They will teach you lake and stream fishing techniques, casting skills, both wet and dry fly presentations, an introduction to fly-tying, entomology, fish habitat, species identification, regulations and safety. Transportation is by vehicle, returning nightly to our Ranch. We also teach avid fishing persons to be Licensed Fishing Guides. The ultimate dream job (see our Angler Guide Training Program).

All-inclusive adventures include accommodation, meals, guide(s) and transportation during the adventure.

Accommodation is our Ranch or alpine camp(s). Fishing adventures are ideal for both individuals or small customized groups. Fishing licenses are available on-site. Access to alpine camp(s) by horse is suited for beginner/intermediate to advance riders.

4 Days:

Ranch based:

Wild Lakes, Rivers & Streams Fishing - beginner to advanced angler

Camp based:
Remote Mountain Lakes - beginner to advanced angler

Remote Mountain Rivers - advanced anglers, camping experience

Dates: Mid April to October Inclusive

Ranch based:
Wild Lakes, Rivers & Streams - April to October
4 Day - Monday noon to Thursday 1pm, Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

Fly Fishing School - May to September
4 Day - Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

Camp based:
Remote Mountain Lakes - May to September
4 Day - Monday noon to Thursday 1pm, Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

Remote Mountain Rivers - July to September
4 Day - Monday noon to Thursday 1pm, Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

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