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Horse Riding and Horse Pack Trips

Vancouver Harbor Wilderness Horse Pack Trips / Horseback Riding
Guided Horse pack Program

Western Horse riding holiday in BC, Canada. Guided Mountain Horse Pack trip adventures and treks. Equine vacation for novice to expert. This is the ultimate Horse Pack Trip Adventure! Ride into the backcountry like an explorer with packhorses in tow. Travel the mountains in nomadic style. Follow game trails, cross rivers, and enjoy open-air lunches with the world's best views. There are sweeping vistas, turquoise green glaciers, snow caves, and abundant wildlife including Mountain goats, Bighorn sheep, Mule deer, moose, wolf, Grizzly and Black bear. Travel mountain-top passes and experience wide U-shaped valleys with their mosaic of wildflowers, wild hay meadows and big-game mineral licks. If your main interest is fishing, let us know and we'll select your camp according to a suitable lake or stream.

The Pioneer
Horse Pack Trip Level I
Ride along well-defined horse trails once used by explorers, pioneers and gold miners. Based from camp, you will ride through flowering alpine meadows and past pristine mountain lakes. Wildlife will greet you along the trail. Loons call to you from the lake. The jingle of horse bells at night, the star-studded skies and the campfire will round out your horseback camping experience.

The Explorer
Horse Pack Trip Level II
Ride deep into the wilderness through unexplored alpine meadows to lofty mountain-top ridges for 360 degree views. Ride the mountain-top ridges where Mountain goat and Bighorn sheep have been seen. Get involved taking horses out to the meadows at night to stake and hobble - learn to pack and throw the Diamond Hitch. You will head home with wrangler skills.

The Mountain Challenger
Horse Pack Trip Level III
Each base camp takes us deeper into the mountains with new adventures in each alpine basin or mountain pass. Each valley holds new wildlife to view, new meadows to graze the horses, and a new base camp to call home. Witness some of the marvels of the Chilcotin Mountains, like a sow Grizzly with four cubs, the vibrant turquoise blue color of the glacier lakes and the amazing abilities of the Chilcotin Cayuse Horse that negotiates the mountain game trails with the greatest of ease. Look back and see how quickly you've adapted.

All-inclusive adventures include accommodation, meals, tack, related equipment, guide(s) and horses.

Accommodation is our Ranch the first and last night, and alpine camp(s) mid stay.

There's a lot to do on the first day. We take care in matching you with your Cayuse horse and saddle. All the "kinks" are worked out during your extensive orientation to western mountain riding that includes our Gymkhana and our River Ride. That evening, maps and itineraries, and what to pack in your personal duffel bag are reviewed. During the last morning at our Ranch, participate in one of our Activity Options. There is target practice, horse logging, bareback lessons and more.

Access in and out of camp vary between 3-9 hours and 5-20 km, and includes elevation changes up to 1,000m over uneven terrain. Daily itineraries vary according to the level of the trip and group interests.

For those that wish to overnight in an alpine camp but that don't necessarily come with enough riding experience to head into the mountains right away, the Guest Ranch Adventure followed by a Horse Pack Trip is a popular combination.

4, 7 & 10 Days

Camp based:

The Pioneer - Pack Trip

Level I - beginner/intermediate with camping experience

The Explorer - Pack Trip
Level II - intermediate to advanced with camping and uneven terrain experience

The Mountain Challenger - Pack Trip
Level III - advanced only, with wilderness camping, uneven and steep terrain experience

Dates: Mid May to October inclusive

4 Day Level I, II, III - Thursday noon to Sunday 1pm

7 Day Level I, II, III - Sunday noon to Saturday 1pm

10 Day Level II, III - Thursday noon to next Saturday 1pm

13 Day Level II, III - Monday noon to next Saturday 1pm

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