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Joe - Colorado - US- Trip to Egypt

Happy, healthy, joyful and prosperous New Year.....So, Thanks to all of you for the trip....the drivers, the Professor in Luxor, the hotels, the boat...etc......a wonderful time.... And so it goes.

Shlomo Ramon -Israel- Round the World Trip 2000

We also wish you a Happy and Peaceful year 2002. We cherish excellent memories of our  RTW trip and tell everyone who listens about your good services maa salama(bye-peace)

Greg Hardesty - Nova Scotia - 2000

I do remember almost all of the tour of NS.  It was nothing short of fantastic.  The driver (John) and the guide (Karen) were outstanding.  When I tell people about it, they are in awe. 


Belinda Zanon and Partner - Ireland to Egypt Oct/Nov 2001

We did enjoy our Egypt tour and the best thing about it was the fact that there was not too many tourists around. Khaled was very good and we were most impressed with.Once again thanks for a wonderful Egypt experience.


Bob Merchant and Barbara Askey - Australia to Egypt - Dec 2001The Merchants in Egypt

Happy New Year.  Our trip home was a safe and comfortable one.  Thank you for contributing to our first trip to Egypt. We loved the cruise on the Nile and the City of Luxor and just experiencing the ways of people in Egypt.  The accommodations and food were excellent.   The rooms with views of the Nile and the Pyramids were extra special.  We already cherish and miss the kind, open and gracious people of Egypt.We felt very safe and well taken care of during the entire trip.  Shukron(Thanks)


Ursulu Hawlitschka - New York to Egypt - Dec. 200

I had a wonderful time in Egypt and wish I was still there!! Everything went very well, thank you so much! 


Muriel Collyer - Cochrane, Alberta, Canada to Egypt - October 2001

Thank you for arranging the trip to Egypt. It was very well organized and I enjoyed every minute! The guides knew their subjects and were very informative. They made the subjects come to life and made the past very interesting. I found the different types of transport quite fascinating. The visit with the Bedouins was one of the highlights along with our dip into

the Red Sea. The Whirling Dervishes will be remembered for some time to come. Thank you again for all your efforts to make the holiday a memorable one. I wish you every success in the future.


Jo Bausch-Hammergren - USA to South Africa - Oct. 2001

Had a great adventure!  We loved Cape Town, and found the Shongololo to be filled with interesting people and exciting adventurous trips.  We really enjoyed the whole experience.


Sharon Slessor and Family - Canada to Egypt - Oct. 2001

The Trip was fantastic. Khaled did a great job of reorganizing. The information he gave us at each site was amazing. He really knows Cairo. The hotel was a great location. The Sherry boat was very good. Mosher, their guide was also very informed and gave great tours. The food was very plentiful and the staff always helpful. 


Pam and Roy Newell - USA to Egypt  - Oct. 2001

First, the guides, drivers and vans were truly outstanding and we were very pleased with the way things worked out. Pamela and I had a great trip!  I caught something while we were there, but Khaled took us to the emergency room in a hospital in Cairo, where I was quickly seen, diagnosed, prescribed for and was about recovered in four to six hours. since our flight had all been canceled and redone(because of 911), the work done by your guides in Egypt to get our tour put back together was outstanding. Really enjoyed working with you, and hope to plan another trip with you! 


Joseph Maadi and Carlease Howell - USA to Egypt and Greece - Oct. 2001

Reconfirm thanks to the exceptional effort of everyone, this was one of the BEST trips ever. The Tour Operator is definitely the best tour operator I have ever had the pleasure to deal with, and I owe it all to your planning and follow through. 

This was the 1st time ever to have such complete assistance at an airport arrival - stands out above all others worldwide. All the guides were not only knowledgeable but personable, and seemed to to bring history alive with their comments.It is obvious that the personnel with the local Tour Company are not only competent and professional, but also committed to "customer first" in everything they do. World Class Service. Excellent 6 Stars. You can plan on me doing more with A-Z Travel "Great planned Trip" more than I/we expected, 


Kimberly Leonard and 9 year old son Daniel - USA to Egypt - Oct. 2001

I hope your trip to Egypt with your family was wonderful and everything you expected it to be.  Ours was wonderful as well and Khaled and Ahmed were wonderful guides.  I also enjoyed traveling with Pam and Roy Newell. I did have a wonderful trip and felt very safe and completely catered to.  I would recommend and have recommended traveling to Egypt to my friends and family. We loved our trip. Daniel did not even want to come home he loved Egypt so much we were treated like royalty and Daniel was the "Prince of Egypt". 


Angela Atwell - USA citizen living in - Cambodia to UK - Oct. 2001

I had a fabulous time on my tour of England, Scotland, and Wales.  Those Cosmos tours are really great--so well-planned and organized.  Our guide was excellent, extremely knowledgeable and a good story-teller.  My favorite places were London, Bath, and Edinburgh.  Thanks so much for all your help in planning, 


Elinor Radlund and Friend - USA to Atlantic Canada - Oct. 2001

The trip was excellent--wonderful scenery of many types, including the colors on the Highlands.  The people who served us were so great--friendly, efficient, enjoying their life.


John and Jan Clark  - USA to Egypt - Sept. 2001

Thanks, again, for our wonderful tour.  Khaled is the greatest.John organized our pictures into a great album, and now lots of people are interested in taking trips to Cairo.  We're making sure they all know about A -Z Tours. We haven't stopped talking about what a great time we had ... among ourselves, and to relatives and neighbors. 


Nadine Greiner PHD - USA to Asia - Sept. 2001

Thank you for recommending such a great trip. I very much enjoyed the cities and countryside, the cultures, the accommodations, and the local guides . The airline was sublime.  Great call on your part, and thank you for the recommendation.


Dr. and Mrs Maris Martinsons - Hong Kong - Morocco - Sept. 2001

We enjoyed seeing/experiencing the Jewels of Morocco, particularly the treasures in the countryside and desert. Thanks again for your help in arranging the Cosmos tour. Cheers.


Robert & Ann Siegel - USA to Scandinavia - Sept. 2001

It was very well run and we were well taken care of. The sites were well chosen and the Norwegian fjords are beyond description! Cosmos does a good job.


Maureen Lanoway plus 2 Friends - USA to Atlantic Canada - Sept. 2001

We enjoyed every minute. Our tour guide + driver were excellent + all the tourists on the coach were very congenial. Beautiful country---much like Wisconsin except for the mountains. Thank you again .


Phyllis and John Waldie - USA to British Isles - Aug-Sept 2001

The tour leader had a great knowledge of history and funny stories. The bus driver was awesome. The scenery was just beautiful.  I now have 10 rolls of film to organize and put into an album.  We have a lot of happy memories. 


Vijay Jois and Family - London, UK to Egypt - August 2001

We were very impressed with the fuss and attention to all the detail. We were accompanied everywhere by the driver and tour rep. All the hotel arrangements were flawless. The transportation, sightseeing, shopping etc. were well taken care of. We had the services of two qualified guides in Cairo and in Luxor. The people of  Egypt are extremely hospitable and seemed to go 

out of their way to help (at least that is what we felt most of the time!). I think we owe you our gratitude for arranging this tour at such short notice when most UK tour companies didn't want to talk to us at all.


Sundararaju Baktha - USA to Greece and Italy - August 2001

To tell you honestly, I didn't want to come  back, I wanted to stay in Italy, but yet here I am. Thanks to you and Cosmos tours for the proper arrangements. I really liked both Greece and Italy. 


Audrey - 3 ladiesAudrey Lindsay - Party of 3 ladies - Nairobi, Kenya to Egypt - July 2000 

We had a wonderful time in Egypt, and are glad we decided to  go to Luxor. Khaled was great.


The Johnson Family (6) - Nairobi, Kenya to Egypt - July 2001

The trip to Egypt was GREAT!!!  We have talked and talked about it.  Khaled was so helpful and had worked out every detail.  Even after our first day spent with him he discovered our interest in the biblical history of Egypt.  We we returned from our cruise, he had arranged for us to visit religious sites. We were all impressed with his thoughtfulness. We are looking forward to our next tour with you.  Thank you so much. 


Grover Lightford - Canada to Atlantic Canada  - July 2001

The weather was great and the people warm and friendly but the food was too good . Thanks for all your help. 


Sheryl and Thomas Steiz - USA to Atlantic Canada - July 2001

I can't thank you enough. We had a wonderful vacation. What beautiful country. The weather was overcast for the first few days, but that didn't matter. The people were very courteous and very helpful for all our needs. I highly recommend the Delta Hotels, what a pleasant stay, the food and service was fabulous. 


Shannon Lowry and Family - Daytrip from Cruiseship in Alexandria to Cairo - June 2001

This was an incredible trip -   whew! What we saw of Egypt was fascinating - certainly not enough time...we could have used much more time in the museum - so incredible!  Khaled is knowledgeable and a wonderful guide... we're glad that we went the route we did by contracting with you.


Ed Shevelew and Family - Daytrip from Cruiseship in Alexandria to Cairo - June 2001

The tour in Egypt was fabulous. Your guide was everything you said he was.  I want to thank you for all the help you gave us.


Dick and Kathy Richardson - Kansas City, USA - Honeymoon trip to Egypt - June 2001

We had a fabulous trip and honeymoon. We appreciate all you did to make our two weeks in Egypt perfect. Khaled is such a marvelous individual and we became so fond of him. He is a world of knowledge, patient, courteous and always punctual. You are lucky to have him as a partner and friend.  Please pass our appreciation along to him and we would love to have him stay with us if he ever finds his way to Kansas City. Thanks to you both and all the drivers and guides along the way. We couldn't have had a more perfect time.  I see now that we could never have made this trip any other way.Give our love to Khaled and thank you so very much. 


Susanto Family - Jakharta, India - Eastern Canada and USA Tour - June 2001

Yap... They are here at Columbus now....They said is pretty good tour but too tired on the bus. Anyway they enjoy it. Thank's for your business. 


Eva and Carolyn Chan - Western USA to Europe - June 2001

Thanks for your help and service, and I look forward to working with you again.I am interested in a scientific tour to the Galapagos Island for next summer, and another to either Costa Rica rain forest or to the Alaska. Maybe you can link me up with an Ecotour. 


Charles Greenburg - Group of 4 from USA - Cruise Ship Daytrips Alex to Cairo and Instanbul, Turkey - June 2001 

The tour in Egypt may have been a bit rushed but both guides did an excellent job and we were all very pleased. I will keep your name and pass it along to others who might want to do what I did.  Thank you for all your help. 


Dr Hussam and wife Patti - USA - Daytrips in Cairo - June 2001

We thank you for every thing and that was a great job from you and Khaled. Thanks again and see you next time.


Lynn Richardson-Ludwigs, Group Escort - Maplewoods School, Missouri Group of 26 Art Students – Missouri to Italy – June 2001 

We saw so much and Laura was so knowledgeable about the whole country and its history. I hope that the students got something out of this. The hotels were absolutely delightful and much nicer than I expected. There were complaints of course, mostly about the food. That is the only thing I would change. All in all I would say it was an incredible experience for the participants, the boys loved it and were the "glue" of the group. 

Thank you for everything - I loved being taken care of, I loved the people and the places and the art. Oh, the day we went to the Vatican and Sistine, record breaking crowd. More than anytime since it has been open to the public. Of course!!!!!!!!!!!! The competition from guides was fierce to be able to be heard. Everyone made wonderful friends that will be long lasting. Thank you Avril for all your hard work, all your late nights, all the business you had to take from people and being so patient. You are a good person and I would like to laugh with you sometime. Lynn 


Aaron Noyes - US to Egypt - June 2001

Well, the trip to Egypt is over and I had a wonderful time!!  Khaled and Ahmed were very knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt and proved to be great tour guides.  They showed much patience as well, in dealing with the never ending stream of questions I asked.  Anyways, the trip was excellent and I would highly recommend it to others. 


Carol and Roy Morris - US to Spain and Portugal - May/June 2001

The trip was excellent. The tour Guide, driver and most of the facilities and side tours were very well done. Would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see the highlights of Portugal and Central and South West Spain. Additional days in Madrid, away from the tour, is a smart thing to do.


Brendan at the SphinxBrendan Choi - US to Egypt - June 2001

I am back home now, but I wish I was back in Egypt! I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the tour. I really liked the culture and the people there. Seeing the ancient monuments was a must, but the best part of Egypt was all the friendly people I met and the culture they have. I can't wait to return to Egypt to see more of Cairo and the people, and definitely it will be a longer stay next time. It was very sad to leave Egypt yesterday.

If I could get a job in Cairo I would seriously look into it! Khaled was an excellent guide, he showed me around not only the tourist attractions, but also the cafes and streets of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He accounted for every detail about my stay, making sure I was comfortable and acclimated to the new surroundings. He was also enthusiastic about taking good pictures! I don't know how you can ask for a better guide than Khaled.


Val Brinkerhoff, Art Professor and Gordon Galbraith - Brigham Young University - Photo Expedition to Egypt - April/May 2001

The sites are tremendous, your service was excellent. Khaled was wonderful...as you know. He really makes everything first class. He's a wonderful person in every way. He went way out of his way for us....he was giving, unselfish, intelligent, helpful....etc. ... a gem.  I have nothing but praise for the services you and he provided....Thanks for everything....


Erin Caley and 4 friends - Toronto, Canada to Coral Hamaco Beach hotel and Casino, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The trip was great, I would go back there in a second.  I would recommend the resort to everyone, there is so much to do there, and everyone is sooo nice. Although 2 weeks would have been much better a week was not long enough. Anyways thank you soo much for everything and I will be sure to get back to you for our next one. 


D&S and Family - US Embassy Overseas to Egypt

Egypt has a powerful effect on visitors like few other places in the world. The West Bank tombs, the temples at Karnak and Luxor, the Pyramids and Egyptian museum were simply awe inspiring, and we are grateful for having expert guides -- Ahmed in Luxor and Khaled in Cairo -- to help us understand and appreciate all the sights and artifacts.  Besides being eminently knowledgable on ancient and modern Egypt, both gentlemen were great at putting up with us and our children, and we won't forget their good nature and warmth.  We especially appreciated our guides' willingness to add stops to our  itinerary which must have necessitated changes in their own schedules. All in all it was a tremendous trip, and thank you again for the arrangements you made.  We'll be happy to recommend your services to friends and colleagues.


Bruce Simmons and Family - Shell Company in Cameroon to Egypt

We had a GREAT time!  Khaled was superb!We will definitely keep you in mind for future travel plans as well as referrals to our friends & relatives.


Chris and Gigi in an Egyptian Open air Bakery

Chris Willis and Gigi - USA to Egypt
Sometimes I can't believe that I actually went to Egypt.  Khaled was such a fantastic guide and so kind to Gigi & I.


Rainer, Paul and Tim - Spain to South America
We had a wonderful time and everything worked nearly perfect.


Ken & Margaret with Avril at the Step Pyramid
Ken and Margaret with Avril at the Step Pyramid

Ken and Margaret Melsted, Saskatchewan, Canada to Egypt

The two poems - They were splendid! As was the trip.  Our thanks again to both of you.  From the point of view of being looked after, it was certainly the best trip ever.


Robin Demello and 4 friends, Hawaii to London and Paris

The trip was very enjoyable. We enjoyed London and had great Fish and Chips!  We also enjoyed Paris. This was our second Globus/Cosmos tour and we plan to use the company again. We would like to thank you for your assistance. You really came through for us. We especially appreciate the regular contact you kept through e-mail. 


Carolyn and Dave, Alexandria Cruise Ship to Cairo, Egypt

Just remembering our trip and the wonderful time we had with Khaled. Hope all is well with the both of you.


Mark & Family with Khaled 
Mark and Family in Egypt

Mark Eichhorst and family - Canadian Embassy Isreal to Egypt

We just got back last night from a wonderful 3 days in Egypt. Khaled is a fantastic guide, and I am passing your website information around to colleagues at the embassy here.Anyways, thanks so much to you and Khaled for making our short trip to Egypt such a memorable experience.  My wife and I are already talking about our next trip;  this time we want to do a cruise!We will be in touch for our follow-up trip to Egypt, which will probably be in the fall. Take care, and thanks again.


Dale & Shirley Weimer & Katie Coder - Swansea, IL USA -From Renaissance Cruise Ship - Alex to Cairo Egypt

We  had a wonderful time in Egypt!  Although our time there was short, our tour was well planned to make the most of it.  Khaled was wonderful!  Not only is he a wealth of information on Egyptian history, but he is a pleasant, personable and caring guide.  We are very happy we decided to schedule our tour with A-Z Tours in lieu of taking the optional shore excursion offered by our cruise line.  When we returned to the ship and described our experience, our fellow travelers were so envious! Several couples and families requested your name and contact information for their future reference, and we gladly passed it on!

I also wanted to include a special thanks to Khaled for how he handled a potentially disastrous mishap that occurred just as we arrived at the Great Pyramids.  As I was stepping out of the van, I twisted and sprained my ankle very badly.  Khaled was very concerned, and immediately offered to get medical attention.  As I had done this once before, I declined.  Being the

caring individual that he obviously is, he purchased cold water to apply to the swelling (no ice was available).  He made sure that our tour of the pyramids, as well as all our remaining stops, were taken at a comfortable pace.  Later, he brought me a bandage and some ointment that helped tremendously throughout the rest of our vacation.  Thanks again, Khaled!


Katie, Dale, Shirley and Yuchun in Cairo

Yuchun Ku - Philadelphia, PA, USA - Egypt 

I left my mind in Egypt -- the people, the places, the history....are just amazing. Khaled is really the best teacher.  Not only did he teach me the history and the heritage of the country, but also he tried to help me understand the lives, the culture, and the religious practice of the modern Egyptian people.  I am so lucky that I could work with both of you to make this trip happen (Sorry for all the trouble I caused for my crazy schedule). Thank you very much!


Carolyn and David Galligan - De Los Campos,Tucson, Arizona,USA - Luxor & Cairo

So good to hear from you and it was also a reminder that we did want to let you and Khaled know what a wonderful time we had in Cairo. It was absolutely the highlight of the entire trip and that was primarily because of Khaled.What a special young man he is!!! When he came back with David's coat we were blown away and it did save his life during our time in Conn. and New York.

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