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Clients Letters, Testimonials and Photos - 2012
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Venkatram Kowsik - Turkey

Thanks for your kind enquiry and we returned home safely as scheduled on January 5th. The trip was very exciting and Turkey was beautiful an exciting example of secularism.
1. The travel arrangements were smooth and they picked us up and dropped at the airports on time.
2. The tour pick ups were also good and on time. The tour guides were good.
3. Hotels at Istanbul and Cappedocia were good and their service was also very good.
4. The hotel at Kusadasi looked very good from outside. but the room was very small and bathroom was very small. The service was very poor. Other than this hotel the rest of the tour was very good. I have recommended your name for some of my friends here who are looking to travel during Easter time.

James and Dorothy Miller - Egypt - November 2012

Our trip was wonderful to Egypt. Even Dorothy enjoyed the Nile Cruise and she hates being on the water, or did until this time. We did have a minor dispute with our guide in Cairo but Mr. Mohammad cleared that up instantly. He is a great man to have around.

We enjoyed the camel ride, the food, the pyramids and sphinx, and Abu Simbel. Along with everything else. It is a bit of an awakening with everyone being so poor and wanting tips for every move but we only encountered 1 beggar during our tour. Everyone else just wanted their baksheesh even if it was for pointing out something obvious.

We missed our balloon ride we had planned. That didn't happen because the balloon wouldn't hold air, which isn't good for hot air balloon rides. The next morning we tried again but it was raining and thunder and lightening. Was the first rain they had in Luxor in 4 years so the little children were happy to be playing in the water puddles.

It was a shock to come home to a bunch of snow and cold weather after some 30+ days in Egypt. Our guides were very informative and Heba was exceptionally good as a guide and a friend.

Thanks for everything you did to make our trip enjoyable and trouble free.

Annette Wilson - Egypt - November 2012

We were very happy with the trip. We enjoyed our time and the driver and guide were amazing. We learned so much while there. Everything went as clock work, smooth. I just wish we would have been able to have more days in Egypt. We will plan on going back sometime in the future. Thanks again for everything.

Manuel Marquez & Tom Archbald - Egypt - November 2012

We have just arrived in Israel for a 10 day visit so we will be unable to forward any photos for a few weeks. We were well cared-for by Mohammed & his guides/drivers. We had a terrific visit and enjoyed the Egyptian people.

James Walek - Thailand - November 2012

Thank you for the return wish. Yes made it back safe and sound. The trip was another story. This is the first time for all the trips I have take in the past that I plan to return to the country just visited. Beautiful country, wonderful people and most of all a very knowledgeable guide. Kuhn Jimmy deserves high praises in my book. Very well organized, and very patient with the goofs she had to contend with.

Robert Ballard - November 2012

Everything went as nice as possible - the only problems were out of the control of Cosmos - like rain and the sun setting too early lol. I will be in touch about a tour to Russia and Scanandanvia next June

Jane Manning - November 2012

Bob and Caroline are really super people! They also think the world of you !!!! As do we.

Reg Greenfield - Egypt - October 2012

Zack Remember that wonderful supper at you house?

Nicole Lightheart - South Africa - October 2012

Dear Gisela, I am sorry to send you flowers in replace of lunch out on me. I really hoped to get to see you but time passed quicker than I could keep up. I am now home and settling in quite well considering the time difference. Unfortunately, I was not awarded business class and the flight was so full that they were forcing people to check their luggage as there was absolutely no space. The full and stuffy flight made it difficult to sleep which could be why I crashed and have been sleeping well since I returned. Who knows?!? I certainly don't want to see another plane for a while.

I have given your contact info to the Bateman's as well as my friend Jeff . His mom should be contacting you with regards to a trip to Europe in January-ish.

I hope you are finally able to get some profitable business out of me;)

Hugs and best to you!
Nic & Jon

Martin Segal - England & Scotland Heritage Tour & Wales & Ireland Tour - October 2012

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to reply. Having gone on two tours in two months kept me away from work for four weeks and I have had to spend a good deal of time catching up. The Wales & Ireland tour was fantastic. We had wonderful weather with just a few rain showers. Our tour guide, Carmel Nicholson, is brilliant and her presentation couldn't have been better. She is a native of Ireland and shared a wealth of knowledge about the history of Ireland and its culture as well as geology and land use.

Thank you for taking care of all the arrangements for me, it all went smoothly as always.

I enjoyed the England & Scotland Heritage tour and got to see everything I wanted to see. It was my first tour with Trafalgar and likely my last. Certainly, I would not book another budget tour with them. The service and meals at most hotels was second rate at best. Most of the hotels were well located but a few were not, being not only distant from tour sites but also isolated away from anything of interest. We were blessed with beautiful weather, an exception for North England and Scotland. Our tour director was just that, a director and not a guide. She did present a bit of history but lacked the enthusiasm and engaging style that I am accustomed to from my experience with Cosmos and Globus tour guides.

Thank you for again taking care of all arrangements for me.

Shatto, Harry W CIV (US) - Bermuda - October 2012

A quick message before I leave Fort Belvoir, VA. I'm heading back to Afghanistan next week.

Bermuda was nice. Weather was cloudy and on/off rain. However, we enjoyed the location, pubs/shopping, etc. I believe 3 nights is sufficient. Fairmont in Hamilton was wonderful.

Just my thoughts on the location for those who may seek to go one Day, etc. Of course, spring and summer would provide better Weather. Tucker's point was a great spot to visit.

I'll be in touch again when I'm seeking further travel assistance.

Ashesh Banerjea - October 2012

We arrived home today. Thanks, we had a great trip and Gate 1 did an excellent job. I would be happy to provide them feedback.

Gerald and Esther Schiller - Enchanting Islands Tour (Nova Scotia & PEI) - September 2012

Sorry for the late response but re-entry has been hectic and busy. We enjoyed the tour and loved Nova Scotia and might well come back. Tours, however, we'll probably avoid in the future. There's too much rushing and not enough free time. After the tour finished we enjoyed the leisure of renting a car and doing our own thing with no hassle about keeping to a schedule. But we live and learn.

Thanks for all your help and I'm sure we'll visit Canada again in the future.

Claudia Aeby - Vacation Planning Service (Nova Scotia & PEI) - September 2012

First of all the trip was everything I expected and more. We had some rain and some sun - about even. Drove the first day to Cape Breton and the Silver Dart Lodge. A good first night as we got there in the pouring rain and were able to walk undercover to the good restaurant there "McCurdy's". It is a big place with laundry facilities and all we could want. We went the next day to the A.G. Bell Museum. It was very impressive and right there in Baddeck. It was still raining so we did more car touring than hiking.

Went up to Englishtown and then down to Glenora and the distillery. It was a beautiful place with lovely gardens. Then back to Baddeck at the end of the day for dinner at the Buoy restaurant and lobster and ended with fresh blueberry pie. Surprised on Cape Breton as every where we drove there were wild apple trees. We would have liked to hike a little on Cabot Trail but just too wet.

Left Friday for PEI in the sun and had a great ferry ride out on top taking pictures. Charlottetown was delightful, small and we could walk almost everywhere. The Sonata Inn was a lovely B&B and also had a laundry downstairs guests could use. The breakfasts there were exceptional. We liked the location.

Went to all the Anne of Green Gables locations museums etc. and it was the highlight of the trip. Sunny, warm and we even walked barefoot on the beach.

Ate fish almost every night, lobster, clams, haddock, halibut, crab cakes etc. We might have to lay off that commodity for about a month. Loved it!

Left for Digby Sunday and again the rain started and only came down while we were traveling. The Digby Pines Golf resort was fantastic. We went to the wharf for dinner and food was great. The complementary breakfast the next day was out of this world. It was sun shining when we left but raining by the time we got to the other coast.

We drove across Hwy 8 toward Peggy's Cove and stopped at the Kejimkujik National Park. Saw the Mill Waterfall and it was beautiful. There were some maples turning red so we did get a little color.

Drove on to Mahone Bay and saw the churches and took pictures and continued on to Peggy's Cove and the Oceanstone Resort. What a beautiful place. They do almost 30 weddings a summer there and it is a great location. Very nice people and we did eat breakfast at the Rhubarb restaurant associated with the resort.

We had dinner at the Sou' Wester out on Peggy's Cove and we loved it - more lobster. As it was raining we went back the next morning stopped to take pictures at the Swissair memorial and then on to the cove. It was a beautiful day. We drove on to Halifax and went to the Maritime Museum (a must for visitors) and saw all the displays and the Titanic movie.

Never needed a hair dryer or had no problem with needing laundry facilities although they were available.

All in all it was wonderful and your help was the thing that made it so easy. We did take our GPS and that helped a lot.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Claudia and Chuck Aeby

PS: we both could have stayed a month on PEI, maybe some day we will do that. I would refer you in a second so hopefully some of my friends will get inspired to go.

Mike Rosen - Vacation Planning Service (Nova Scotia & PEI) - September 2012

We had a great trip and want to thank you for all your efforts. Here are some specifics:

Rossmount Inn at St. Andrews was above and beyond our expectations, especially the food. Our dinner there, following a long and tiring drive, was simply exceptional. The chef is EXTREMELY talented. The rooms were fine as well.

The Chateau St. John in Saint John was very nice. We thought the city itself was rather blah, but there were two great things: the reversing rapids (had lunch at a nice restaurant perched right over the rapids) and Irving Nature Park, a real treasure (we went back several times).

We weren't excited about the New Horton Lake Inn. It isn't really an inn--no services, we had the whole house to ourselves, no breakfast. It's in the middle of nowhere, only one restaurant nearby, the rest were closed for the season. I wouldn't go there again.

The next day we endured a long, cloud-burst type of rain, so we couldn't really enjoy Hopewell rocks--we were drenched. When we got to Moncton, the Chateau Moncton was very nice, but we made an executive decision to not stay there and drive straight through to Halifax in the amazingly heavy rain. The hotel cheerfully cancelled our reservation at the last moment, and the Prince George in Halifax was able to add a day to our stay there.

We loved the Prince George, including another phenomenally good dinner in their restaurant (I think it's called Gia)--I mean way above the average gourmet restaurant, roughly on a par with Rossmount. We had a very interesting day in Halifax, particularly walking the wharf, the immigration museum (we found old records of our grandparents) and the art museum.

Lunenburg was a pleasure, though we thought the rooms at the Lunenburg Arms were very small and inconvenient.

Hope that provides you some good feedback. Thanks much--we appreciate it. And we will certainly urge any friends who want to come to your neck of the woods to contact you.

Linda Lowrimore - Canadian Maritimes Tour - September 2012

It was a superb trip ... interesting tour ... exceptional tour director ... great group of fellow travellers ... beautiful weather ... a food fest of fresh fish. All in all, a wonderful 11 days! A Tauck experience of excellence. I would most definitely recommend this tour to everyone.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Georgia Bentley - Canada's Atlantic Coast Tour - September 2012

We loved the trip and are now ardent Collette Vacations fans! Thank you so much for your assistance. We loved the area, and even more, we loved our travel guide Sarah Swanney!!

Jennifer - Austria - August 2012

Austria was great! We loved Vienna and the World Sports Festival and we had a lovely week resting and visiting with family in Tyrol.

Austrian Airlines was ok but smallest plane I have ever crossed the ocean with. Staff was courteous but was not near as nice a flight as the AC flight going over - that was a very pleasant flight!

But all in all we were lucky as no late connections and no lost luggage.

When we arrived in Vienna they had a weather blackout for two hours after we got our luggage and closed down the airport - so how good of timing was that??

Maria Scherrer - Europe - August 2012

Just a short note to thank you for your help in our trip. A few details:

1- One of the Hotels had no AC
2- The day in Brussels was too short and we had no time to enjoy the sights (the guide was too fast)
3- Aside from the guide in Brussels, the rest were great
4- All Hotels and staff were perfect and we especially enjoyed our optional Dinners in every Country. I would recommend all of them.
5- Our Guide and Driver were AMAZING. They got us thru the whole trip in a very efficient and professional manner.

Thanks again.

Glenda Moan - Nova Scotia and PEI Tour - August 2012

We had a wonderfull time! It was so beautiful up there! We really appreciate the part you played in our trip, THANK YOU! We were very satisfied with Caravan Tours and were very pleased with our driver, Galatious, and tour director, Sandy. Thanks again!

David Clark - Canadian Rockies - August 2012

Every thing went very smoothly and we had a great time with superb weather.
The hotels were amazing (if a little expensive).
Only thing that we would do different next time is visit less locations and spend more time relaxing in each place.
e.g. at Lake Louise we had just a few hours to enjoy the lake and the hotel.

Bob Turcotte - England Scotland & Wales - July 2012

Awesome!!!! A fantastic trip. Cosmos was perfect with all the details and itinerary. The guide was amazing. He was a walking National Geographic with unlimited detail. He spent a great deal of time describing the areas we were in from politics to sports- along with the standards of history and people. The driver was a master of the small roads- and fast as needed.

We had the full size (beautiful) bus with just 18 people. That was very nice. To be able to spread out and leave our hand luggage in another seat for easy access was very nice. I'm sure that's not a good sign for business, but for us it was the best.

Our first days in London alone were fantastic- my wife and I originally being urbanites mastered the Tube very quickly and we got everywhere. Turns out with the way things went, we actually did not hit the road until that following Wed. So, we had more than enough time there. In the beginning we also had time for a play (Wicked) and the last day in London we went to Monty Pythons Spamalot- which we saw the world production of here in the states, but wanted our friends to see. It was fun.

With now on-going Olympics happening in the city and country, the electricity of it was everywhere. A very exciting time to be there.

The only very small negative was with a couple of the Hotel selections. We understand that standards are different outside the US and Canada and we are travelers so we understand, however, a couple of hotel rooms were a tad dilapidated and lacked A/C (or AirCon) and by now the weather was warm and humid.

Others had no hot water one morning- including the tour director. We were fine somehow.

Our first room in London (Novatel) had a malfunctioning A/C and the safe was not functioning. Announced that day, they neglected it all day- so by the time we returned (9:00PM) we had to call maintenance again. It was fixed and we got to bed late. And the safe never got fixed.

One of our rooms previously had a "smoker" disobey the rules and the room stunk. Not a large issue as we asked to be moved. The desk clerk initially was of no help and unsympathetic. The housekeeping supervisor, however, came up and insisted we move. She was nice.

There were other small annoyances not worth grossing about.

Other Hotels were fantastic and a pleasure to sleep over at.

BUT PLEASE understand, we understand that these things happen and we do not fault Cosmos or Tours for A-Z. Just perhaps Cosmos perhaps should do a little more scouting and fine tuning.

Anyway- I could go on and on at how great the trip was. But one story: As happened, the 'hand-off" local guide in Liverpool, as it turns out, hung out at the Cavern as a young girl and frequented seeing the young Beatles. In fact - she was indeed a "groupie" and had dated George Harrison. We saw her young photo inside the Cavern. Our Cosmos Tour director filled us in on those details later as he has known her for many years. She was quite humble about those details. She said she was there and saw them, but no further. Later we took the "Beatles Walk" tour and her voice was on the recording device.

A little touch like that among the many experiences we had, make it very special indeed.

Anyway- Thank You SO much for making this work for us, you did Good! And we appreciate the memories you helped us obtain. Including almost 3000 photos I have taken. Eventually I will publish a "coffee table" book (I have done in the past) and once done, I will send you an "on-line" free viewing access if you'd like to look it over (course not with all 3000 pics- : ) )

We will not forget you or your company, although it may be some time before we have a need- we will be back. And be sure, we will pass your name along to others looking for a land tour or similar. Eventually in a couple years, we will be looking into a European River Cruise.

Eric Gold - Greek Islands - June 2012

I have been cruising around the Greek Islands the last couple of weeks, Its incredible! The weather has been perfect and the scenery is absolutely spectacular! My trip is going very well, Thank you for all the help, Adio.

Vern Owens - England Scotland & Wales - July 2012

Made it home today. Had a flight delay leaving London yesterday so we missed our connection to Seattle in Calgary. Air Canada put us up in the airport hotel so all went well.

The trip was great. Chris and I had a wonderful time. We boy had 18 people total on a 50 person coach so we got to spread out and get familiar with everyone. Made for a very easy going trip. Dominic the tour director was fantastic. He was a wealth of information and got right into the fun. I can't say enough good about him. Derek the bus driver was also a fun humorous guy that did a great job on those small roads.

The week we did in Ireland ahead of the organized trip was also great. Managed to survive driving on the other side of the road a d saw some wonderful sights there as well.

The whole thing was memorable and we'll hold onto your address in case we come up with ideas for the future.

Thanks for helping to make this special.

Eric Gould - Nova Scotia - World Trip - July 2012

I've made it back home. Six months, ten countries, it was the best time of my life. I'm so glad I went, and so grateful for all of the things I've seen. I met so many incredible people and made some lifelong friends, too.

Thank you so much for all you help in planning. I appreciate it very much.

Jennifer & Spice Volley Ball Group - Calgary to Vienna - July 2012

Flights over were very good especially AC out of Calgary!! No lost luggage. Nicole & I are still in Austria but rest of group got back fine. I think Korri had some luggage problems but other than that all was fine! Talk to you when I get back.

Awesome work ladies!! Enjoy your weekend

Nicole - UK - July 2012

Our trip to the UK was great!

Martin Segal - Northern Capitals- July 2012

I arrived safely back "home" in Geneva yesterday evening. The Northern Capitals tour was fantastic. I had a great time and didn't want the tour to end.

Ruth Haygarth - June 2012

Jack and I would like to thank you for all the work you did in arranging our flights, cruise and hotels. Everything went very well and had a wonderfull time, Many Thanks.

Lia Fratocchi - Portugal & Italy - July 2012

Thank you Theresa for your timely greeting. Just made it home yesterday. Tired after long waits and long flights but happy.

My comments on tours taken follow although not very organized yet. Both places are beautiful and that helps a great deal.

Portugal tour with Trafalgar FINE with all things offered. Excellent tour director, activities, side suggestions during the trip were interesting always (none meaning extra costs or expenditures)plus an excellent, polite, always present good driver. They made the trip safe and very interesting as tour director was knowledgeable and completely devoted to the tour all the time and he had very good English. They earned their gratuities completely but you noticed they just feel proud of what they do and how they do it and want to keep improving. Optionals taken (not all of them in our case) were very good, always with his company explaining things and fully involved. Bus very comfortable and modern with WC for emergencies (which was used). Timing excellent. All items indicated in brochure done and with lots of input and feedback at all times on various subjects referring to the country, the region, etc.

Cosmos tour of the Lakes in Italy only saved by the beautiful places visited and the three extra days in Cadenabbia, Como which were just perfect although without any service from Cosmos after dropping us there. The Grand Cadenabbia Hotel is very good.

To be frank I think Cosmos lowered standards from our experience 4 years ago with 22 days in UK and Ireland. Specially with staff and dedication to task. Most people in the tour had been traveling for years with Cosmos, Globus, Trafalgar and many others and they all agreed that Cosmos is going down.

I just can tell for our short experience since before we used to drive by ourselves and do our own itineraries and planning.

Tour director and driver in Italy from medium down to fair in most aspects. First day they initiated the tour with bus (without WC and not so modern as Trafalgar's) with air conditioning broken. So the tour did not start until later. Thought it was just bad lack but later suspected that it had not been properly prepared the night before......I may be wrong but attitude was " bus is broken, we have this problem so I will put you in another bus to town centre (12 blocks away app.) and walk you to Milan Duomo and tell you where to find things and where to meet in so many hours".

So the expected tour of Milan with bus and director never happened. Walked several blocks behind tour director when bus dropped us and he left us in front of the Duomo and showed the way ("follow the flags in this street") to indicate our way to meeting place hours later. Did not even excuse for not complying with the Milan tour program and nothing was offered in kind or service in lieu of.

My husband and I managed because we had been there the day before on our own and had seen things studied before but did not go to places indicated in tourist maps on our own in the expectation that they would be seen in the Milano tour of the next morning. So, we never saw those places that were not in the Duomo area itself. Tour director never seen for the morning. My luggage was broken in the process in the hotel Ibis Milano. Nothing too important but I will have to repair a brand new Samsonite because the two handles had the plastic cover broken. Tour director first reply when I noticed was: go to your insurance. Later he made the last day a report that at the bottom said that I agreed to pay 27euros for the complaint!

I may be unfair to Cosmos but they choose the staff. I loved the area because it is marvelous and we had a great advantage in both countries that we could speak with the locals and know about the countries enough but what about the rest in a tour in English?

Theresa, you are a very good travel agent and I think all of this will help you make things better in your contacts with the companies and know that you may have pretty annoyed customers due to these situations. Our reports to Cosmos were not good.

We are happy we went for it. Portugal was a travel experience, the Lakes a personal experience and we had those extra days that made it worth it. But I know that the tour people were not happy in Italy and it was mainly with the staff, not the hotels nor the meals which were OK.

The three extra days in Cadenabbia were very nice indeed. The Cosmos girl that provided the transportation and guidance from Lake Superiore to Lake Como spoke well English and offered enough explanations. The Grand Hotel Cadenabbia was very nice in all senses.

Linda Rounds-Nichols - Sweden - June 2012

Thanks -- We had a wonderful trip -- and even found the unexpected. Our scanty family records re: my great-grandmother's birthplace: I had searched over the years, but couldn't find anything place called Regina. The tour guide in Norkoping figured it out -- and Regna parish (no i) was only a hour off our route. We visited this tiny little place, which was probably really the area of her birth! Later, in Gothenburg, another tour guide took us to the road the emigrants walked as they got off the train (the typical way to get to Gothenburg when my great-grandparents left in the 1880's) and walked to the pier. It was amazing!

The people throughout Sweden were wonderful, and in Vadstena especially so, as they went out of their way to help us. This was the only potential problem we had, and since they fixed it for us, it wasn't a problem. Our reservation had been placed for the wrong night - luckily we arrived early with voucher in hand, as they only had one room left - and with many apologies, they brought in a roll-away bed, since the only room available was a single. It was fine - and they were wonderful about it.

And.. yes, we are already talking about where we might venture next!

Peace, and many, many thanks!

Jane Manning - June 2012

We had a great trip. Seats coming and going were great. Air North is a really nice way to fly! Happy employees, FREE food - Air Canada continues to be air Canada.

Thanks again.

Linda Lowrimore - Cuba - June 2012

I returned from Cuba early this morning after a brutal 31 hour journey from Havana to Islamabad. It was a good trip. It was different from the usual "scheduled trip" when you know each day what you are going to see and do. In Cuba every day was an unknown. We did cover everything in the itinerary but on totally different days at different times. It was a little disconcerting, but still enjoyable and very interesting. It certainly changed the way I view Cuba. Let's hope that soon the US will lift the embargo so that more Americans can visit there.

Appreciate your help with the arrangements.

Wendy Shephard - British Isles in Depth - June 2012

The tour was great. I really have no major complaints. I think if we were doing another trip we would try to spend a little more time in some of the places but other than that we saw an amazing amount of things and most of the rooms were good.

The biggest problem with the hotels were that quite a number were a ways out of town so that if you wanted to explore a bit at night you were not able to walk anywhere and had no access to stores, etc. A couple of the rooms were really small so that you had no place to put your suitcase but the food was good and check-ins and out were very smooth.

We were not too impressed with the extra excursions and did not feel they were worth what you paid for them. They were usually terribly overcrowded and the food was mediocre at best and other than the Irish night the entertainment was mediocre to bad. I think people would be well advised to skip the extras and spend the time exploring wherever they were but as the hotels were so far out of town you either had to eat at the hotel or go on the excursion.

Those do sound like complaints but overall though the trip was great and we saw so many wonderful things and met some great people on the tour. I would certainly do another one sometime but not for a couple of years.

Thank you again for your help.

John Lee - Egypt - May 2012

Yes, I am back home and made it safely. I had a real good time in Egypt, the guides were good and very knowledgeable. Thank you again for all of your help and for making this trip and experience possible.

First off, thanks again for the wonderful tour of Egypt. I took SO many pictures from my tour and I put off the time to go through them and organize the pictures. Anyhow, I will send you emails of some pictures from the tour.

Thanks again and best regards!

Jill Ashby - Egypt - May 2012

Your tour was GREAT!!! We were on a camel ride in Giza Plateau, noonish, and Aubrie "What is the noise?" I couldn't imagine. The camel attendant said "praying". WE COULD HEAR CAIRO PRAYING!!!! OMG it was wonderful!!!! I can't describe to you! But it was wonderful!

The Step Pyramid was closed so we toured with Dr. Mohamed Hendawy (Discovery Channel) and he got us into what very few people have seen! We put on the mortar and the workman put on one stone, rebuilding a pyramid! It was amazing!!! And tombs and little temples! I was crying a lot!!!

And the guides, Heba (8 days) and Zack (2 days) were amazing!! And the drivers were awesome! Mohamed (Cairo driver) was sick and he chauffeured us around!

Delta Pyramids was not like 5 years ago! Mohamed says Delta Pyramids 1 star! There was a smell in the bathroom and the halls, the room was dirty, and there was half eaten food laying out in the hall 3 days! Beautiful view! From the room and rooftop.

Monica Almonacid - Egypt - May 2012

We really enjoyed our trip, thank you for everything, your constant support and advice. Everything went really well, our trip to Egypt was memorable thanks for your services. Best Regards.

Chitra Padmanabhan - Europe - April 2012

Thank you very much of organizing such a wonderful trip for us. We had the most enjoyable time and really got a good insight into the countries we visited. Most of the guides we were with were great and very well informed.

We're looking forward to enlisting your support once again when we plan the next holiday!

Patsy Aldred - April 2012

Thank you for your hard work, not only for me and my family but our entire group Shirley and Judy have highly recommended you and have given me glowing reports of your service and dedication on behalf of your clients.

Vic Barber - March 2012

Joy, just a note of appreciation for helping us with this situation.

Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald - Egypt - March 2012

I appreciated your help in getting the tour booked. Thankfully my friend Jonlee decided she could join me. I was surprised to discover that we had our own personal guide! Might have seemed a bit strange just me alone. The lady who accompanied us, moved onto the ship with us and proved an excellent guide and traveling companion. We enjoyed her company very much and she was extremely interested in making sure we heard every historical detail to help us appreciate the temples and tombs we visited. It could not have been a more useful tour for us. Even one day when Jonlee succumbed to "Ramses Revenge" shall we say - Heba kept right on with her usual information, even though she now had a tour group of only one.

The ship was quite agreeable. The food was fine, though the last breakfast clearly caused Jonlee's distress.I think the "no fresh fruit or vegetables and no juice" rule must apply to onboard food as well as off board.

The cabin attendant was such a delight, towel excitement in our room every morning after breakfast, crocodile for JonLee, elephant for me, mummies of various types for both of us. SO inventive in using objects found in the room to create and decorate his creations. A true folk art! But most delightful of all was his own sheer delight in seeing us discover our "presents" each morning. I used a plate, bottle caps, a curved banana, and bills curled around a pencil as hair to create a face for his tip when I left.

The machinations of the organizing tour folks was a little less stunning. However they were VERY helpful in changing JonLee from the Cataract Hotel to a hotel nearer the airport at her request. It took her several hours to reach the Cataract on her arrival and she feared for similar traffic jams trying to reach the airport when she left. Traffic on the ring road can be horrendous. It is NOT easy to get to the Cataract or any where else unless you go at 3 am, as we had to do on the day we left for the cruise.

All in all it was a great trip and I would book with you again, should I ever try to do this. You made it all very do-able.

Susan Stevenson - Lapland - March 2012

Yes, we arrived home safe and we had a wonderful time in Lapland. Everything worked perfectly and it was just a terrific trip. Thanks for all of your help in organizing it.

Reg Greenfield - Egypt - March 2012

The team you have in Cairo are absolutely awesome especially Zak and Mohammed. I will go through the several hundred photos in the next few days and forward some to you.

Spice Seattle 2012 group air booking - Calgary - Seattle - February 2012

Hi Joy, Thank You soooo much your awesome.

Tina Peng - Chile - June 2012

Thank you very much for helping me with my tickets for my trip to Chile! I couldn't have been here without you! Thank you.

Heather Mellows - Egypt - February 2012

I have had a good trip. At every step I have felt taken care of. There was always someone to meet me at the airport or hotel promptly. At all times I felt safe, on the street, in the car and in my hotel. Each of the guides was knowledgeable about what we were seeing and helpful with my questions. All of the drivers were skilled both in finding their way around and dealing with traffic. All of the accommodations met or exceeded my expectations. The restaurants I was taken to for lunch were good. Most of the places I was taken were well chosen and interesting.

For the most part all the guides were very knowledgeable both about the sights and what my program was and they shared that with me. Since I was alone on the tour I was able to control some of the timing, which was nice, but I didn't know how long it would take to get to places, when they would close or how long we would need at other places.

For my last day I asked for a cooking class. Dr. Khaled said there wasn't such a thing in Cairo yet, but invited me to his house where his wife and sister in law showed me how to make several dishes. This was a fun and relaxing way to end the trip and a special glimpse into real life in Cairo. I appreciate that he went out of his way to arrange this for me and I had a good time with his family.

Patty Hoffman - Mexico - January 2012

Thanks so much Joy. You are absolutely wonderful to work with!

Ryan Yanca - Egypt - January 2012

The trip was great. And I had a great experience with the local guides.

Thanks for all your help in arranging a great trip.

Isabelle Odjaghian - Greece - January 2012

We did have a wonderful time, very cold in Olympia and Meteora but spectacular. The tour guide for the four days was terrific as were 2 of the other guides. We do have lots of pictures and once we sort through them I will send you some. The taxi driver and the tour operator were also very nice and greeted us at our arrival, the same taxi driver picked us up from the hotel yesterday morning, very punctual. Everything went smoothly and we both enjoyed our trip.
Thank you.


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